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 TG51 Calibration (1283 hits)
Contributed by bkurko on 26-May-2010
TG-51 Calibration Workbook...
Rating: Not rated

 USB HD Pinnacle 810 (335 hits)
Contributed by rrrobot on 18-Nov-2009
notes to get USB external HD to talk to an 810 box. Not supported by ADAC or Pinnacle. these are only my notes, and they work for me, but are not guaranteed....
Rating: Not rated

 Variable Isodose Lines while planning (Pinnacle scripts) (889 hits)
Contributed by Gb_zna on 27-Jan-2010
Most of the time you can use the default scripts to see the correct isodose lines on a plan.
But sometimes another "non-standard" dose is prescribed.
This is a way to get the right isodoselines (107% & 95%) on a plan....
Rating: Excellent

 Varian DynaLog File Anonymizer (1081 hits)
Contributed by nathanchildress on 13-Apr-2011
Program to automatically anonymize Varian DynaLog files....
Rating: Not rated

 Varian EDW Data (2154 hits)
Contributed by RadPhysChuck on 06-Jan-2007
This is a spreadsheet compilation of data sent to me. The data is presented as I recieved it, except for some formatting fixes for printing. I claim no credit for clever work nor accept responsibility for accuracy. We should all be grateful for the kindes...
Rating: Not rated

 Varian EDW overview (2412 hits)
Contributed by nathanchildress on 12-Jun-2006
Very basic talk about the implementation of Varian EDWs given at a department-wide meeting....
Rating: Not rated

 Varian High Energy Linac Replacement Part QA Guidelines (1385 hits)
Contributed by zulloj on 14-Jun-2010
List of Varian recommended QA checks for high energy linacs to perform after replacement of various common parts....
Rating: Not rated

 Varian Low Energy Linac Replacement Part QA Guidelines (1129 hits)
Contributed by zulloj on 25-May-2010
Table of Varian recommended checks to perform after replacement of linac components....
Rating: Not rated

 Varian MLC test shapes (4211 hits)
Contributed by nathanchildress on 12-Jun-2006
Varian MLC square fields and closed fields for 52 and 120 leaf MLCs, useful for commissioning and light/radiation field measurements....
Rating: Not rated

 Viewer for DicomRT files (2279 hits)
Contributed by hscheurig on 27-Feb-2008
A free viewer for Dicom RT Files. For more information:
Rating: Not rated

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