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 CT Simulation (597 hits)
Contributed by bmcmd04 on 16-May-2012
Compatible with Mosaiq merge fields after save as template...
Rating: Not rated

 Daily Warm-Up Check for Linacs (1629 hits)
Contributed by rbenson on 17-Apr-2009
An MS EXCEL based daily log for monitoring the output of linear accelerators using a 5 point monitor chamber....
Rating: Below average

 Data Comparison of 10 Varian LINACs in North America (1757 hits)
Contributed by kchu2 on 31-Jul-2010
Off axis ratio from Beam Profiles can be matched by fine adjustments of PDD. Data from 10 different Varian LINACs were compared. Output factors and Wedge factors were within 1% if measured the same way. Data was also compared to Varian's Golden Beam Data....
Rating: Good

 Delux Tangent.xls (363 hits)
Contributed by Ebutler on 26-May-2010
This excel spreadsheet will function as a tangent calculating sim sheet while it simultaneously creates a framework for drawing a wire contour....
Rating: Not rated

 dicompyler (1038 hits)
Contributed by bastula on 15-Nov-2010
Extensible, fully open source radiation therapy research platform and viewer for DICOM and DICOM RT...
Rating: Good

 DOS batch file to create decompressed DICOM images (795 hits)
Contributed by dplatten on 08-Oct-2010
A DOS batch file to help with decompressing whole directories of compressed DICOM images. Requires the Offis DICOM tool kit and a Windows computer....
Rating: Not rated

 DOS batch file to create jpg thumbnails of DICOM images (181 hits)
Contributed by dplatten on 08-Oct-2010
A DOS batch file to create jpg thumbnails of a whole directory of DICOM images. Requires ImageMagick ( to be installed, making use of the mogrify.exe command....
Rating: Not rated

 DOS batch file to write specific DICOM tags out into a .txt file (267 hits)
Contributed by dplatten on 08-Oct-2010
A DOS batch file to write specific DICOM tags into a text file with the same name as the original image file. Requires the Offis DICOM tool kit and a Windows computer....
Rating: Not rated

 Dose Calibrator Linearity Test using Tc-99m (1127 hits)
Contributed by dayanloria on 27-Aug-2009
Linearity Test for the dose calibrators in Nuclear Medicine....
Rating: Not rated

 Dose-volume constraints for OARs (11787 hits)
Contributed by nathanchildress on 12-Jun-2006
An Excel file listing DVH limits (with RTOG and article references) for conventional, 1, 3, and 5 fraction treatments. Also includes a simple BED calculator using the linear/quadratic model....
Rating: Average

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